Monster by Mirriam Neal


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by Mirriam Neal

Everyone was created by God and for His pleasure, and it is not up to us to decide on what our flawed minds would call perfect or imperfect.

The quote above, for me, sums up one of the core issues in this (semi)dystopian novel. I’ve been following the author’s blog for a while but only recently asked the vital question: wait a sec – is her book available on kindle?

It was.

So I read it. In roughly one sitting.

Do you know what I hated about it? Finding it difficult to breathe because of a really tense scene. It’s no fun at all.

Why can’t books come with something like: ‘Warning: Emotional Trauma Ahead’?

So … the plot, summarized in my own inexpert words: Eva Stewart, working for a company entitled WorldCure, is attempting to find a cure for a horrible, people-killing virus. She gets promoted at work which means that she is able to experiment on her very own Subject. But then she discovers words on the wall of her Subject! It all goes downhill from there (well, from her career’s perspective).

3 Things that stuck out:

1. The British Professor (Pocky, as he is affectionately known) says this wonderful phrase: ‘I miss you too, duck’. Living in an area (in England) where that phrase is actually used, well, it was quite a pleasant jolt (and then later on he says duckie!)

2. The technical side; I was impressed that all the tests sounded realistic (if it was me writing I’m afraid it would go like this: and then she did a science-y thing and checked another science-y-machine-monitor. Then she said, gravely, “… “syringe … temperature … antidote … liquid … needle … cure …” For this reason I stick to the medieval period.)

3. In the beginning Eva is hardened to the Subjects – because to her they aren’t human. Just a medium to find the cure to the horrible, not-very-good, people-killing virus. I liked the fact that this was portrayed – her hardness; she is a product of her training, her environment – and wasn’t avoided.

My Favourite Scene:

The Courtroom Debate. Why? You have to read it. For me, this is the thing I’ll take away from this book. It was memorable. Thought provoking.

Most Favourite Character:

Ah, this is hard; can I have three? For me, my three favourite characters are … Mir, Igorov and (of course) Pocky.

!!! Careful – Spoilers Ahead !!!

Most Loathed Character:

A tie between the evil Dr. Ross and the despicable Jude. Actually, I’m going to have to go with Jude; purely because he was just … ugh!

Final Thoughts …

I need to read this again, more carefully and slowly (and now I know the ending so – no breathing problems!). But I know I will read the Courtroom scene again.

PS. Two more things:

Mir’s coming to know the Lord is wonderful; and Eva’s realization that she is looking down on Mir was, well, I’m really glad it was in there.

If you want to go through the same emotional trauma as I did, you can buy Monster here.