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Look, look! A new series of posts, this time entitled ‘Quotables’. I’ve recently dived into Georgette Heyer’s detective novels, three of ’em to be exact, all bursting with character and wit …

Murder begets murder,’ said Jim. ‘You didn’t murder Clement, Adrian. His murder just put 311138the idea of murdering me into your head.’

Sir Adrian wrinkled his brow. ‘I never take my ideas at second-hand,’ he complained.

Not prejudiced,’ said the Sergeant firmly. ‘I never let myself get prejudiced. All I say is, that he’s a nasty, slimy, double-faced tick who’d murder his own grandmother if he saw a bit of money to be got out of it.


No, darling, you must never think that,’ said her mother gently. ‘Try only to look on the best side of people. Your uncle had some very sterling qualities, and it wasn’t his fault that he was hard, and selfish, and not always very kind to others. We cannot help our natures, though some of us do try.

It’s nothing of the sort! Now, I won’t have you making that Detection Unlimited (Inspector Hemingway Mystery #4)kind of joke, any of you! It’s in very bad taste. Mavis says those things because she thinks one ought not to speak evil of the dead, that’s all.”

‘In what terms does she speak of the Emperor Domitian and the late Adolf Hitler?’ enquired Gavin, interested.