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19245634Captive of Raven Castle

by Jessica Greyson


**Here Be Spoilers**

Sorry about this. I am afraid she hit her head pretty hard. It will pass, though.” Then he uttered under his breath, “I hope.

That, right up there? Yep, it’s my favourite quote. Why? Because it sums up most of the time spent at Raven Castle (that is, if you define ‘hitting her head’ as an amnesia which lasted thirteen years).

It took awhile before I was able to properly get into this book. In fact, the moment that the Princess steps forward in the council, the adventure – for me at least – truly began.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

The Plot:

Alexandra; a chronically sick and frail Princess of a starving land is ‘nabbed by the evil rebels of Raven Castle. Upon arrival she is told something which turns her world upside down, a lifetime of lies is revealed – what will she believe?

Three Enjoyable Scenes/Moments:

1. The Monologue by King Archibald. The Evil Monologue.

2. Alexandra isn’t a DiD-dy (Damsel in Distress – the ‘dy’ is there just to avoid confusion.) I read the ‘distressing’ scene with a feeling of well, distress: “He isn’t going to come and save her is he? Please no.” He didn’t – and that was a highly pleasing fact.

3. The Trap. I wasn’t really expecting this … of course I knew that maybe, just maybe, there would be a risk of discovery. But then wham! Plot twist.

Most Enjoyable Character(s):

King Aric. Lord Keenan. The Soldier Who Gets Stabbed (his motives for doing what he does are understandable. I don’t think he was named so pardon the title).

Most Disliked Character:

I have to be honest – I quite liked disliking King Archibald, because he was a definite Evil Villain: evil monologue, cruelty and country domination – it’s all there.

Last Thoughts:

There was a quiet Christian element in this book; faith wasn’t the central conflict of the book. It wasn’t a Christian adventure so much as an adventure which had Christians in it. Does that makes sense?

Captive of Raven Castle can be bought here.